Heavy Cramps Yoni Steam Blend

Heavy Cramps Yoni Steam Blend

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Our Yoni Steam Blend was created to target Heavy Cramp issues.

Herbal steaming is a centuries old practice used for cleansing and toning the uterus, and providing overall improved vaginal health.

Bulk Herbs that work well with this Yoni Steam Blend: Chasteberry, Lady’s Mantle, Yarrow

Tinctures that work well with this Yoni Steam Blend: PCOS, Ginger, Kelp, Holy Basil, Cramp Bark, Dong Quai

Tea Blends that work well with this Yoni Steam Blend: PMS Tea Blend, Better Sex, Iron Support, Safflower

~Healthy circulation, tone & hormonal vitality

~Reduce period pain

~Uterine Support

~Stronger & more frequent orgasms

~Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body

~Strengthen and tighten vaginal walls

~Cysts & Fibroids

Yoni Steam Blend Directions: • Bring 6 cups water to a boil in a pot then turn off heat • Place ¼ of herbs in the pot and cover • Steep herbs for 10 minutes in the water • Remove pot from the stove and transfer the herbal infusion to your steaming station (pour the infusion into a bowl for placing under your steam chair, into your steaming area or into your sitz bath in your toilet)

Do not use Yoni Steam Blend if: • You have an IUD • You are menstruating • You are pregnant • You have open wounds/sores around your yoni